Your sea later: 5 things to remember when moving internationally

Now comes the next section: Packing, which doesn’t get 1 but possible. We know because thousands of people do it every year.

The key to transferring internationally is a careful planning and research. To help you get started, here are 5 simple things you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Plan before moving internationally
Most people pass this step and go directly to the packing stage. It is unavoidable, they will forget something and end up spending hours trying to put items into their bags such as jigsaw puzzles.

By writing a list or putting all the things you need on the side first, you will be able to pack faster and smarter. This will give you a bigger picture and help you avoid tunnel vision.

2. Check luggage allowances
Every year, thousands of people who move abroad find themselves paying a great cost at the airport. Why? They did not read the luggage guidelines of the airline carefully.

We are on your side. The airline does not really make it simple, which is why we suggest read it carefully or call representation to confirm before you buy your ticket. Maybe a little hassle but it will save up to hundreds of dollars.

3. Categorize your item
To help you find out what’s most important, separate your items into these three categories:

“Must-have” – ​​items that you won’t be able to find abroad at all and you use a lot.
“Luxury” – items that you must have with sentimental values ​​or expensive prices to buy back (jewelry i.e.).
“Replace Change” – items that can be found easily and cheaply in your new home (toiletries).
After you complete everything, you will be able to decide which items you should bring when the room is limited.

4. Consider when you will be back
If you know you will often visit your old home, consider leaving some items with friends or family and picking them up later.

For example, if you know you will return before the season changes, just wrap the clothes you need for the current season. When you return, bring your luggage (with a gift) and fill in the clothes you need for the following season. Don’t transport all your items around the world at once if you don’t need it!

5. Delivery service
If you have to move a large number of items or unusually heavy items, look at the shipping service. They offer many affordable choices to help you move abroad cheaply.

Keep in mind that train and ship transport services usually take longer to send shipping. But if you plan before, there should be no problems at all.

Time to prioritize and reset
Moving internationally is an opportunity that can only be dreamed of by several people. And even though the packaging can make stress, don’t let it ruin the extraordinary experience you will have. Remember to simplify and focus on what you need.