Must-Have Designer Staples For Your Capsule Wardrobe

It is difficult to ignore fast fashion, especially since the rise of the internet. After all, these pieces are trendy, abundant, and seductively cheap. However, joining the fast fashion bandwagon will cause your wardrobe to overflow with several pieces you may never wear. Consequently, it is prudent to build a capsule wardrobe with a collection of timeless pieces that you can wear for several years. This wardrobe will help you pinch some pennies and do your bit for sustainability.

Here are some must-have designer staples for your capsule wardrobe.

●    Button-Up Shirts

Button-up shirts always come in handy, no matter the weather. You can use these pieces in a fun and casual way instead of strictly formal, so investing in a couple isn’t a bad idea.

White and black are the two button-up shirt colours to consider when shopping, but feel free to purchase other colours that bring out your personality. For instance, you may prefer brown, beige, or navy pieces. Still, it is best to stick with neutral colours since these are easier to pair with other items in your wardrobe. You can purchase quality button-up shirts at any women’s designer sale, both online and in-store.

●    Classic Denim

Denim is a well-known, strong fabric that’s worth considering for your capsule wardrobe. This material comes in various shades, so it would be best to decide on the one you prefer. Then, narrow in on your preferred denim fit by trying various options.

After finding a pair of jeans you like, consider purchasing them in other shades. Black and blue should be your go-to colour options because they pair well with nearly everything and are universal. Denim is a fantastic addition to your capsule wardrobe because it allows you to nail sophisticated and casual looks alike.

  • White T-Shirts

Many fashion experts agree that every woman needs reliable white T-shirts in her capsule wardrobe. These fashion staples are no longer just for casual weekends only. You can wear your white T-shirt as a layer underneath a stunning slip dress. Alternatively, you can pair it with heels and jeans, drawing inspiration from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jennifer Aniston. White T-shirts come in various sizes, so what qualifies as a perfect fit is entirely up to you. However, opt for slim but not tight-fitting options for true versatility.

●    Slip Dress

A slip dress will serve you in many different ways, so adding one to your capsule wardrobe is an excellent idea. You can layer your slip dress over turtleneck knits and white T-shirts or wear it alone under a classy blazer. Similarly, you can pair your slip dress with trendy trainers during the day and wear it with heels at night. You can even create a slip skirt by pairing your dress with an oversized jumper. It is always best to splurge on your slip dress instead of settling for cheaper alternatives, so keep this in mind.

●    Versatile Knitwear

You will need knitwear when the weather starts getting colder, so this should definitely feature in your capsule wardrobe. A turtleneck will come in handy in fall and winter, but anything big with a longline hem will suffice during summer. Lightweight knitwear in the summer is another tool for layering besides being practical. You can slip your knitwear over your dress to create a relaxed two-piece. Also, consider wearing knitwear instead of a blazer to tone down your tailored pants.

●    A “Wear-Everywhere” Dress

A “wear-everywhere” dress is an ultimate addition to any capsule wardrobe. As its name implies, this dress is so versatile that you can wear it anywhere and still look fashionable. Ideally, this dress should have a midi hemline and be long-sleeved to be appropriate for year-round styling.

Your wear-everywhere dress doesn’t necessarily have to be black, but monochrome and neutral shades are preferable because they are easier to play around with. You can wear this dress to your office with smart trainers, pair it with flat mules in the summer, and knee-high boots during winter. You can also wear it alone with jewellery or with turtleneck tops on cold evenings.